1. What are the Eligibility guidelines/criteria for Teck to donate?

    Teck considers funding requests from registered charitable non-profit organizations, local and Indigenous communities, educational institutions and others across four focus areas: health, education, environment and community. Please review Teck's Eligibility Guidelines for more information on our review process and categories supported by Teck.

  2. What is the timeframe for Teck to decide on my Application?

    Funding decisions are made throughout the year, and all requests deemed eligible will be considered in the quarter during which they are received. Once you have submitted your online application, you can expect notification of eligibility following this review process. Notification time may be prolonged if there is an unexpectedly high volume of requests or if your request is incomplete and we must contact you for additional information.

  3. How will Teck let me know their decision?

    A community investment representative from Teck will be in touch via phone or email to give you the outcome of your request.

  4. How much does Teck give every year?

    As per Imagine Canada guidelines, Teck donates 1% of annual pre-tax earnings to community investments, on a five-year rolling average basis.

  5. How do I log in?

    All applicants must complete registration and obtain a username and password in order to submit an application. If you already have a username and can't remember what it is or have forgotten your password you can click on the "Forgot your password" link to retrieve you login information.

  6. Can more than one person from my organization submit an application?

    Yes - you can have multiple individuals from your organization register for their own account and can submit applications. Each individual in your organization must complete the registration process in order to receive a username and password. Make sure individual enters the same organization details when registering to ensure they are linked to your organization.

  7. Can other people work on the same Application as I am working on?

    Yes - all individuals from your organization who have an account will be able to review all applications for your organization as well as make changes to the application (if it has not been submitted). However, only one individual at a time can edit an application.

  8. Why can't I edit an application I submitted?

    Once an application is finalized and submitted to Teck it becomes read-only while it is being reviewed. Teck may request additional information during the review stage. In this case you will be able to edit the application to provide Teck with the requested information.